Hello Blog!

My very first blog post about my coding journey.

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Day 3.1 Strings and Text

A little confusing with the .format area, needs more example and practice on that. Here’s my work:   Study Drills 1. Go through this program and write a comment above each line explaining it. Done. 2. Find all the places where a string is put inside a string. There are four places. Found them. 3. […]

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Day 2.1 Variables and Names

Learned something new, without importing modules/libraries. In ruby, there’s a ceil or floor function to round up or down. In Python, unless importing modules/libraries, you have to write your own function or math calculation to do that. Here’s my code and my terminal. I’ve done some extra work to test out some python functions, feel […]

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Day 2.0 Numbers and Math

The excercise is the same as ruby, but in python code, study drills is slightly different, I don’t recall having to making numbers floating points. I’ve researched 2 ways to make them floating points, but not sure how precise or accurate the math is. Here’s my code and my shell, and the python computation (like […]

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Happy New Year 2018 everyone :D

Haven’t been updating this blog for a while, got busy with work not too long after starting CS50 blog posts. I’ve also been taking classes for my Master in Software Engineering, learning java language. A lot of the concepts are similar to C language, very complicated and confusing, especailly when dealing with memories. I’ve finished […]

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