Day 1.1 Exercise 1 – A Good First Program (Not really…)

My work is posted in GitHub.
Here’s the link to the exercise.

Ex01 Code
Code for Ex01.rb
Ex01 Shell
Output of the code.

I forgot to change the directory. Thats why it shows an error on the first 2 lines of my output.

Study Drills

1. Make your script print another line.
    Line 8 of the code is my work.

2. Make your script print only one of the lines.
I didn’t show it in my work, if you would like to try it, just simply put an # (Zed calls it octothorpe) in front of every lines but one.

3. Put a # (octothorpe) character at the beginning of a line. What did it do? Try to find out what this character does.
The octothorpe in ruby is used for commenting, this is helpful is explaining codes for later references.


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