Day 2.4 Exercise 7 MORE printing

Here’s my work.
Here’s the link to the exercise 7.

Ex07 Code
Ex7 Code
Ex07 Shell
Ex7 Output

Study Drills

1. Go back through and write a comment on what each line does.
NEVER! I understand it’s good practice, but ….???? This is toooo pointless…

2. Read each one backward or out loud to find your errors.
Still not in that habit yet.

3. From now on, when you make your mistakes, write down on a piece of paper what kind of mistake you made.
I’ll be broke from buying papers tbh. 🙂

4. When you go to the next exercise, look at the mistakes you made and try not to make them in this new one.
Can’t promise anything.

5. Remember that everyone make mistakes. Programmers are like magicians who fool everyone into thinking they are perfect and never wrong, but it’s all an act. They make mistakes all the time.
It’s okay Zed, nobody is perfect.


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