Day 4.3 Exercise 22 and 23

There is no exercise in Exercise 22 and 23.

Exercise 22 is going back and review what I’ve learned.

And exercise 23 is reading codes from resources such as github, gitbuckets, and etc etc.

Did my review, I’d say I understand the exercises 99%. But what I’m curious is other ‘methods’ are not fully revealed yet, things such as file#seek, or how ri is being used.

For exercise 23, I think I’m too newbie to understand much, there’s too much to learn. Quite honestly, I could not even tell what’s ruby and what’s not. Ofcourse I can tell base on file type. But when I read it, the syntax and formats looks so different than what I’ve learned here. It’s almost as I’m no where near understanding ruby.

I’m not done yet, I’ll keep moving forward and hopefully you will too.


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