Day 6.3 Exercise 38 Doing things to Arrays

Here’s my work.
Here’s the link to exercise 38.

Ex38 Code
Ex38 Code
Ex38 Output
Ex38 Output

Study Drill

1. Take each function that is called, and go through the steps for function calls to translate them to what Ruby does. For example, more_stuff.pop() is pop(more_stuff).

2.Translate these two ways to view the function calls in English. For example, more_stuff.pop() read as, “Call pop on more_stuff.” Meanwhile, pop(more_stuff) means, “Call pop with argument more_stuff.” Understand how they are really they same thing.
This is the same thing as study drill one.

3. Go read about “object-oriented programming” online. Confused? I was too. Do not worry. You will learn enough to be dangerous, and you can slowly learn more later.
Classes, Objects, and Modules. If you’ve taken evolution biology, it’ll be simpler to understand. It’s more like taxonomy, but programming call each rank a class, while the object is the actual animal or species. Confused? Don’t worry. Zed will explain more in the future.

4. Read up on a “class” is in Ruby. Do not read about how other languages use the word “class.” That will only mess you up.

5. Do not worry if you do not have any idea what I’m talking about. Programmers like to feel smart so they invented object-oriented programming. named it OOP, and then used it way to much. If you think that’s hard, you should try to use “functional programming.”
Can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic or really telling me to look up functional programming? However, I can’t understand it, it’s languages such as Scala, F# and so on?

6. Find 10 examples of things in the real world that would fit in an array, Try some scripts to work with them.
Inventories, Shopping list, to do list, anything with lists.


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