Day 9.1 Exercise 46 A Project Skeleton

There’s no coding exercise in this section. It’s shows how to use “rake test” to test your project, and making a bunch of empty folders. It’s great to have a basic structure, but I’m lost, I don’t know any of these files or folders are for.

There is a quiz that requires you to read about it, It’s not very clear.
I find this a little confusing. Had to spend some time googling these.


1. Read about how to use all the things you installed.
So I’ve installed the 2 required test gems, in order for me to install it, I used $ sudo install gem ‘test-unit’. I used the sudo (kinda like admin rights). So Gems to my understanding is programs or scripts or libraries for ruby, it includes codes, documentations and a gemspec.

2. Read about the Name.gemspec file, commonly called a “Gemspec, and all it has to offer.
gemspec – contains the metadata for the gem
bin – stands for binaries, where the executable files goes
doc – Documentation for the gem
lib – Library for the gem
Rakefile – it’s used to automate tests
data – storage folder for datas, cache and databases
ext – directory of extensions of the files
tests – test programs for the gem

3. Make a project put code into the module, then get the module working. This means you have to change all the files, directories, and modules with NAME in them to the name of your project. If you get stuck, watch the video for this exercise to see how I did it.
Done. The video is very helpful, I recommend to watch it.

4. Put a script in the bin directory that you can run. Read about how you can make a Ruby script that’s runnable for your system.
Got it. Here’s the link that I read about on, however it’s a little confusing, the rest after renaming the file are not required, unless path does not exist.

5. Mention the bin script you created in your Gemspec so that it gets installed.

6. Use your Gemspec to install your own module and make sure it works, then use gem to uninstall it.
Took almost an hour to figure out how to uninstall it. Been typing the wrong format, and my computer requires me to use sudo to install or uninstall the gems


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