Day 10.0 Exercise 47 Automated Testing

I’m having a bit trouble understanding what this exercise does. I did the exercise just fine, my output is correct, but it’s very confusing. There’s quite a bit of googling in this section.

I don’t have any work to show since everything is the same as the instructions.

Study Drill

1. Go read about Ruby’s Test::Unit more, and also read about alternatives.
Here’s a link to read more about Test::Unit. To be honest, I have not much clue about this subject, a lot of this has been removed or no descriptions.
Some even says to use MiniTest (an alternative to Test::Unit) instead.

2. Write a new test case in tests/test_ex47.rb that creates a miniature version of your game from Ex45, This is one function that is similar to the current functions, but using your game’s room name and abbreviated descriptions. Remember to use Room.add_paths to create the map, and use assertions to confirm everything works as expected.
Very unfortunate, I have no clue how to do this. I have tried looking at other people’s work, GitHub has a bunch of LRTHW just like mine, but most of the completed work are not the same, bugged, or outdated. The more recent ones are incomplete or skipped this section. I did find one that works with the testing, however the test file was not even in the right project folder, yet it works??? So I’m very confused.

The problem I encounter is, I don’t know how the test works? All the “test” I’ve tried never return me any values other than knowing the test runs correctly? Idk, I’m very confused.


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