Update since LRTHW

Got sidetracked lately, I was going to work on my CS50 class, but internet been down at work. So what did I do? I found a iOS messaging app on GitHub, much like WhatsApps. Reading how it works, how to implement it, downloaded it and “reverse” engineered it.

Customizing it into my company app. Spent 2 days on it, however it was not great timing with everyone unhappy about the internet being down. But I was so excited, I introduced it to the company, and installed it on everyone’s phone. Found some bugs, such as some phone carriers automatically adds +1 on phone calls, some adds +1 on contacts addition. The app also reads from default contacts, so It wasnt showing all contacts info.

In the end, nobody uses it. Just wondering if I should even continue working on it? Don’t feel as anyone is excited as I am. Gonna set it aside for now.

CS50x Here I come.


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