Day 1.0 Appendix A – Crash Course to Command Line

There’s a lot to learn in this section, I’ve only learned a few basics. In this section is pretty much like in the movies, where hackers type everything with black background etc etc, that’s the command line interface (CLI). Today most people uses graphical user interface (GUI), with mouse cursors and stuff you can see.

I’ve never used the terminal before. So this is super cool yet super confusing to me. I’ve tried everything that Zed (the author) showed me. But there are also some that he didn’t show in his course, I’ve tried looking them up, but they seems too advance for beginners like me. Some of them uses super user? root? I got some faint idea of what they mean, but couldn’t figure how to use them yet. If I encounter them, I will be sure to add to the list and example as I go.

Here’s the link to his crash course. Appendix A

Here’s to my GitHub page. If you would like to add more or edit some examples, please feel free to do so.


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